About Kathy

Drawing is my PASSION! A God-given talent was discovered early and nurtured in my teen years and the 70′s and early 80′s, entering the competitive ring. After embarking on motherhood, I retired my skills to raise my two children and address life's challenges.

After a 21 year leave, I again pick up my pencils and embark on the creative journey again. Entering the art world some years later, I realized that life experiences had made my emotions deeper and stronger, and in my black/white and shades of grey, there is a powerful and strong expression that grows from the paper and boldly makes its statement.

Predominantly drawing in black/white and grey, I master many techniques that bring the paper to life. Sometimes I experiment a bit by adding a touch of color but not often. Many times my drawings are bold, wicked, and striking to passersby.

If you have a favorite pet, a child, grandchild, or any other creative ideas you would like to commission me to do, contact me! I will usually work from photographs and can have a commission done in a reasonable amount of time. If interested, contact me at [email protected] or by phone at (618) 514-2259.

Kathy drawing owl on location
Drawing Fantasies By Kathy